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What You Can Do To Prevent Nuclear War
Your role in preventing war and abolishing nuclear weapons

(SANTA MONICA, Calif.) News of nuclear threats between Pakistan and India are prevalent. Nuclear arsenals in the Middle East are unnerving. The search for Osama Bin Laden continues, and with every day that passes, we fear that he may strike again. Most recently, the "dirty bomb" plot made headlines. What can we, as individuals, do to combat terrorism and nuclear destruction?

In Choose Hope: Your Role in Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age (Middleway Press, 2002, ISBN 0-9674697-6-7, $23.95), authors David Krieger, one of the founders of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Daisaku Ikeda, a world-renowned peace activist, provide us with knowledge and give us ideas on how to strive to live in peace with each other, urging us to focus on hope as our best option during the Nuclear Age: "In the face of complex, apparently unsolvable problems it is vital that we return to the starting point and remember our humanity."

Throughout the book, Krieger and Ikeda have a dialogue for peace with each other, exchanging their ideas about prominent peace activists, abolishing nuclear weapons, their own personal experiences with war and how we should strive to live in a nuclear-weapons-free twenty-first century.

"That we take pains to protect weapons while we expose children – the future of our race – to peril is impermissible. To ignore this absurdity will spell defeat for humanity. We must not live to destroy. We have the spiritual power to create peace and happiness," says Ikeda.

David Krieger is one of the founders of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and has served as President of the Foundation since 1982. He has written numerous studies and books about peace and nuclear weapons, including Nuclear Weapons and the World Court and Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age. Daisaku Ikeda, author of the award-winning For the Sake of Peace, is president of Soka Gakkai International, one of the fastest growing Buddhist movements today with 12 million members in 181 countries, and is the founder of a number of educational, cultural, and research institutions. Among the hundreds of honors and commendations given to him around the world, he received the United Nations Peace Award in 1983.

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