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The Buddha in Your Mirror

In 1253, the Japanese monk Nichiren declared Nam-myoho-renge-kyo "to be the one true law, the great 'secret' hidden in the depths of the Lotus Sutra." Nichiren's intent was to make attainment of Buddhahood imminently available to all. This manual's authors heartily endorse the chant as completely accessible and effective at achieving desires for self and others·. The introduction by jazz great Herbie Hancock, a Nichiren practitioner for 29 years, makes one wonder if the rhythmic emphasis of this chant has a special call for musicians, but this path obviously has bold appeal for a broad audience of people who are willing to give a chant a chance.
-Publishers Weekly

Like the Buddha, this book offers practical guidelines to overcome difficulties in everyday life and to be helpful to others. The authors have done a great service in bringing the profound practices of Asian Buddhism into American idioms. Readers will find these pages are like a helpful and supportive friend. I enthusiastically recommend it.
- Dr. David Chappell, editor of Buddhist Peaceworks: Creating Cultures of Peace

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