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"Tolerance is more than just a mental attitude; it must grow out of a sense of larger order and coexistence, a cosmic sensibility that issues up from the deepest wellsprings of life. As explained by the Buddhist doctrine of 'dependent origination,' no phenomenon in either the human or natural domains arises independently of all others. The cosmos is created through the interrelation and interdependence of all things. Tolerance rooted in a world view of dynamic interdependence can, I believe, be instrumental in enabling us to transcend the threat of a clash of civilizations and to realize a philosophy of coexistence that will permit us to build a world of human harmony."

-Daisaku Ikeda, 'For the Sake of Peace,' p. 67


'Soka Education: A Buddhist Vision for Teachers, Students and Parents' offers Daisaku Ikeda's vision of education as a means of creating happy, fulfilled individuals of genuine character who work for the good of others and the peace of the world. The speeches collected here will, as Victor Kazanjian of Wellesley College writes in the foreword, "challenge people throughout the world to examine the values that form the foundation of their actions."

A perfect gift for the teacher, student or parent in your life.

'Soka Education' will be available in late September from your favorite bookseller or on-line at:

Now available from your favorite bookseller or on-line at:


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'For the Sake of Peace: Seven Paths to Global Harmony, A Buddhist Perspective' has been receiving very positive reviews. Here's just a sampling:

" Ikeda's earnest commitment to humanity, however, can be sensed when he says "the real seeds of peace lie not in lofty ideas but in human understanding and the empathy of ordinary people." Such commitment is rare today, and this book lays an articulate foundation for, as Vaclav Havel says, "The resuscitation of fundamental ethics." If all practiced the principles of empathy, dialog, and awareness that Ikeda outlines, the world would experience true peace.
-Foreword Magazine

. For the Sake of Peace offers "seven paths" ranging from self-mastery and dialogue to global awareness and disarmament that if taken will show humanity the way to live happily together on our finite planet. For the Sake of Peace is enthusiastically recommended reading for peace activists, students of Buddhist philosophy and those who have followed and appreciated Daisaku Ikeda's work and thought for the past three decades.
-Midwest Book Review

In an engaging intersection of politics and spirituality, Ikeda's Buddhist perspective of compassion and the interconnectedness of all life infuse this work, creating a bridge to peace for all walks of life, all nations, and all creeds. His own dialogues with such noted world figures as Mikhail Gorbachev, Zhou En-Lai, Arnold Toynbee, and Linus Pauling add flavor and depth to the book's enlightened global approach.

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