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On Being Human

"Like a good novel, this trialogue focuses on the human condition through life's triumphs and despairs. With clarity of spirit, knowledge and experience our three story tellers invite a new exploration on the issues of health, disease, death and our own philosophy on living. As a pastoral care giver who deals with people's search for meaning and their spiritual suffering, I find that On Being Human shines a new light on an ageless subject."
-Rabbi Tamara Miller, Director Pastoral Care, George Washington University Hospital

"This writing is very ambitious and tackles a broad range of topics. The scholarship is outstanding. The writers organize their material around topics which are highly pertinent and for the most part worthy of examining from historic perspectives to application in the 21st century."
-O. Ray Fizgerald, PH.D, International Consultant on Family Systems, Bioethics and Spirituality

"From the very basic quest for the meaning of life to the consciousness of it; from how to live to how to be; from birth to eternity—the dialogue and discussion never ceased to enlighten. I finished the book assured and hopeful—not only that we're uniquely human; we're also uniquely individual. Life is awesome and we're worthy of respect.
-Lillian Chan, Editor of Wellness Options magazine, author of The Wellness Options Guide to Health, published by Penguin Book Canada

"On Being Human is an elegant and timely dialogue. Accessible yet profound, it illustrates the convergence of medical science, bioethics and Buddhist philosophy. Informative and hopeful, it offers wise perspectives on life and death, revealing their deeper meaning and higher purpose. Its three sagacious voices speak as one, to all."
-Lou Marinoff, author of Plato not Prozac and The Big Questions

"A cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary dialogue, this book shows what is possible when bioethics leaves its disciplinary boundaries behind and becomes instead a reflection on life and death."
-Stephen E. Lammers, Helen HP Manson Professor of the English Bible, Dept. of Religion, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa.

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