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For the Sake of Peace

Daisaku Ikeda has walked many paths as a Buddhist leader, educator, poet, philosopher and photographer. But all his paths lead to peace. He is a true citizen of the world and peace leader. In For the Sake of Peace, he describes a path to peace through individual commitment and self-control, dialogue and the creation of cultures of peace. Recognizing the considerable obstacles to creating a peaceful world, he inspires hope that such a world is possible. Any individual who has questioned whether he or she could actually make a difference should read this book, become inspired and walk the path of peace.
-David Krieger, President, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Ikeda's earnest commitment to humanity can be sensed when he says "the real seeds of peace lie not in lofty ideas but in human understanding and the empathy of ordinary people." Such commitment is rare today, and this book lays an articulate foundation for, as Vaclav Havel says, "The resuscitation of fundamental ethics." If all practiced the principles of empathy, dialog, and awareness that Ikeda outlines, the world would experience true peace.
-ForeWord Magazine

For the Sake of Peace is enthusiastically recommended reading for peace activists, students of Buddhist philosophy and those who have followed and appreciated Daisaku Ikeda's work and thought for the past three decades.
-Midwest Book Review

In an engaging intersection of politics and spirituality, Ikeda's Buddhist perspective of compassion and the interconnectedness of all life infuse this work, creating a bridge to peace for all walks of life, all nations, and all creeds.
-NAPRA Review

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