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Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World
by Hazel Henderson and Daisaku Ikeda

Planetary Citizenship, a new book from Middleway Press, offers a dialogue between two internationally-renowned peace advocates with a uniquely optimistic perspective on some of the most crucial needs of this era: sustainable development, economic justice, respect for indigenous peoples, conservation of the Earth’s biodiversity, equality of the sexes, accountability in giant corporations, and democracy in politics and international institutions. Calling upon their many years of experience at the forefront of facilitating positive change, they demonstrate convincingly that all these things are within reach if we start from our own inner convictions and work together to create a sustainable world.

The advancement of human technologies – global communications, satellites, and weapons of mass destruction – has also advanced our awareness of just how small the world really is. Globalization, in its current economic and technological forms, is one of the most pressing issues of our time. This makes the concept of “planetary citizenship” an idea whose time has come. The mobilization against the war in Iraq – the largest mass demonstrations ever estimated between ten and fifteen million people in cities all around the world, revealed the emergence of a grassroots people’s movement that many are calling the newest global superpower.

Henderson and Ikeda open a dialogue that calls upon the energies of these “grassroots globalists,” people at all levels of society whose responsible actions and spiritual attitudes are already making a difference. Planetary Citizenship invites readers to join them and shows how individual efforts, when added to the sum, can help create a new civilization founded on the dignity of life.

As the subtitle illustrates, Planetary Citizenship is not about unbridled optimism, but real issues that everyone on the planet needs to think about, and take action on now.

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