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Romancing the Buddha
Embracing Buddhism In My Everyday Life
by Michael Lisagor

Michael Lisagor was a child of the sixties when he began his practice of Nichiren Buddhism a practical philosophy that enables people to develop themselves, take responsibility for their own lives and influence their, often uncertain, circumstances – be it a stressful workday, a troubled relationship or the fear war brings.

A struggling and confused 19 year old at the time, much to his own surprise, Lisagor is now an obnoxiously cheerful morning person who is a creative and happy adult, husband and father.

How he used the practice and principles of Nichiren Buddhism to get there is the gist of the new book ROMANCING THE BUDDHA: Embracing Buddhism In My Everyday Life (May 2005, $14.00, Middleway Press).

12 million people from all walks of life in 190 countries and territories are practicing the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism, which are, first and foremost, anchored in the realities of everyday life . . . and all that come with it. 

Part memoir and part how-to, ROMANCING THE BUDDHA seamlessly weaves the familiar bumps in the road: the challenges of married life, living with teenagers, and finding a job one actually likes, with the uphill climbs: depression, spousal illness, and the death of a loved one.

In the process of sharing his own experiences, Lisagor demystifies what may seem to some like an exotic practice and shows how an ancient religion can directly impact how one experiences life in the modern world.

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About the Author:

A longtime contributor to the Buddhist publications World Tribune and Living Buddhism, Lisagor also writes a regular column for Federal Computer Week magazine. Thousands of people around the world have enjoyed reading his perspectives on applying Buddhism to daily life on his popular website: He is the president of Celerity Works, a management-consulting firm and is a resident of Bainbridge Island, WA.

Embracing Buddhism In My Everyday Life
Michael Lisagor
Middleway Press
May 2005
ISBN: 0-9723267-4-x

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