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The Way of Youth

Respect for ourselves, for others close to us, for our world community seems to be the essence of the larger answers given on many subjects. Many Young Adults will be interested in this careful explanation of the Buddhist perspective.

Readers will learn something about Buddhist ethics here, but the aim of this book is providing advice-helpful advice first, specifically Buddhist advice second. Nonetheless, teens interested in Buddhism will find Ikeda's caring commitment both inspiring and attractive.

This book is beneficial for any youth, as the range of concerns covers many areas. Readers of this book should emerge encouraged and with their confidence lifted.
-Youth Today

His approach is practical, and although he often stresses the importance of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo as a solution, it is not preachy. This is best suited to bright, intelligent teens who already have an idea where their path is heading and know that they have the ability to ask and seek.
-NAPRA Review

Educator, philosopher and spiritual leader Daisaku Ikeda presents a wonderfully accessible approach to the timeless wisdom of Buddhism and its relevance to the problems and conditions of today's young people.
-Midwest Book Review

Ikeda's straightforward, common sense approach based on his 50 years of experience as a Buddhist spiritual guide successfully talks with the troubled teens rather than talk at them or down to them. Rather than criticize, ridicule or trivialize a particular problem and the teen it might concern, he prefers to focus on that person's need to be helped.
-Asian Pages

If you're looking for a meaningful discussion of more general philosophy or a non-traditionally western perspective on life's problems, you may find this book better suited to your needs. Perhaps this book would be even more helpful for parents looking for advice on how to speak with their child about issues that she is facing.

Ikeda, who's worked with teens all over the world, provides some realistic, common-sense advice that will help you build confidence, find happiness, and contribute to society-no matter what creed you follow.

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